Cost control just got a whole lot better!

Luke McInerney

Luke McInerney

Cost control is an integral part of our offering here at Rotaready, enabling our customers to manage hours and wage costs, see real-time sales and compare against predictions and budgets.

We’re continually making improvements to our product and most recently turned our focus to cost control – building upon our refreshed design language, client feedback and leveraging the latest technologies. We can’t wait to show you what we’ve built.

Easy switching between sites

If you manage multiple sites you can now switch between them without leaving cost control. 

Reversing a signed off day

Along with signing off an entire week, you can sign off a single day within cost control too. We’ve also added the ability to reverse sign off for a single day, and an entire week if you need to.

Highly Customisable

We recognise that everyone uses cost control differently, and as a result, have different needs. With this in mind, we’ve introduced a selection of configurable options.

Show or hide sections of data

With the flick of a switch you can temporarily hide a section of data that you don’t need to see right now – reducing clutter and letting you focus on one area.

Adjustable row density

Space can be tight – and we appreciate that you might need to see as much data as possible. That’s why we’ve introduced three row display options, ‘standard’, ‘compact’ and ‘comfortable’. 

  • Standard gives you the most space between the rows of data, great for larger screens. 
  • Compact is ideal for smaller screens and for when you want to see lots of data at once.
  • Comfortable is somewhere in between, it’s our default setting.

Abbreviated values and decimal places

Sometimes you need a quick glance at the numbers, and other times you’ll want to see the values right down to the penny. We’ve added options for both – visually removing the decimals and using standard abbreviations for larger numbers.

Table summaries

We now show a useful summary of metrics when you collapse a section of data. You also have the option to keep that summary pinned as you scroll.

New Metrics

Leveraging the robust foundation on which cost control was built, we have added a new, highly requested metric of “Productivity”. This calculation represents the effectiveness of your deployed hours compared against your sales.

Robust foundations and feature improvements

With the stable technical base of cost control in place – it paves the way for future enhancements and more functionality. 

As part of our roadmap we have:

  • Custom metrics – you’ll be able to record and manage custom metrics as part of your cost forecasting and management.
  • Cross-site comparison – if you manage multiple sites you’ll be able to compare inline data from multiple sources
  • Historic comparison  – this will enable you to visualise and compare values from previous weeks/months/years
  • 3rd party data – We already display sales data from our many supported integrations, and we plan to expose our other integrated data sources such as reservations and footfall.

If you’d like to know more about this update, feel free to get in touch via live chat or contact your Customer Success Manager. And if you’re interested in seeing our full roadmap, you can find it here.

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