Demand forecasting

Your crystal ball for rota scheduling

If only you could build rotas that you know will cater for future demand... well now you can!

With demand forecasting, your schedules will be informed by past trends, upcoming events, seasonality and little things like the weather; meaning you'll always have the right number of people on shift and achieve the optimum labour cost percentage.

Other features

Rota scheduling

Time & attendance




Rotas perfectly aligned to meet demand

Using either your own historical data or anonymised data from others in the same industry, you can ensure your weekly rotas don't let you down when it comes to meeting demand.

  • Demand forecasted with advanced AI, modelling and deep learning techniques

  • Ready to go from day one

  • No need for in-person observation studies or bespoke consultancy

  • Powerful pooling technology that harnesses trends from similar businesses in your industry

Account for one-off events & seasonality

Automatically aggregate data from many different sources to ensure your rotas cater for more than just the average day. Rotaready is able to take into account:

  • Local events, national holidays and your own events

  • Changes in the weather, using an accurate local forecast for each venue

  • Past and future reservations, covers and bookings

  • Historical sales & transactions

Settings tailored to your needs

Not every business is the same. That's why Rotaready lets you customise settings, data sources and more.

  • Forecast sales and demand as a whole or per revenue stream

  • Toggle the influence of weather, sales and reservations

  • Opt-in to trends and aggregated data from other businesses in your industry

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