Demand forecasting

Your crystal ball for staff scheduling

Build rotas that cater for future demand, without needing a Maths degree and a team of boffins.

With demand forecasting, your staff schedules are informed by past trends, upcoming events, seasonality and little things like the weather; meaning you'll always have the ideal number of people on shift.

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Rota scheduling

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Staff rotas perfectly aligned with demand

Using either your own historical data or trends in your industry, Rotaready's demand forecasting will take your rotas to the next level.

  • Demand forecasted with advanced AI, modelling and deep learning techniques

  • Ready to go from day one

  • No need for in-person observation studies or bespoke consultancy

  • Powerful pooling technology that harnesses trends from similar businesses in your industry

Account for one-off events & seasonality

Automatically aggregate data from many different sources to ensure your rotas cater for more than just the average day. Our advanced rota software is able to take into account:

  • Local events, national holidays and your own events

  • Changes in the weather, using an accurate local forecast for each venue

  • Past and future reservations, covers and bookings

  • Historical sales & transactions

Settings tailored to your needs

Not every business is the same. That's why Rotaready lets you customise settings, data sources and more.

  • Forecast sales and demand as a whole or per revenue stream

  • Toggle the influence of weather, sales and reservations

  • Opt-in to trends and aggregated data from other businesses in your industry

  • Enable partner integrations at no extra cost

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