Cutting-edge staff rota software, for businesses of any size

Effortlessly intelligent rota scheduling with beautiful reporting tools, labour cost control, integrated clocking in & out, mobile apps for your whole team and so much more.

We're trusted by some of the UK's most ambitious, pioneering businesses in retail, hospitality and leisure.

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Rota scheduling

Intelligent, easy-to-use rota scheduling is what Rotaready does best. It can even schedule automatically — helping managers get back to doing what they do best.

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Cost control for sales and wages

Live cost of staffing, powerful budgeting tools, custom cost/revenue streams and awesome cross-site reporting. Rotaready makes cost control look incredibly easy.

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Time & attendance monitoring

Fast, trustworthy attendance monitoring (clocking in and out). Rotaready automatically marries up staff attendance with shifts on the rota, giving you perfect timesheets for payroll.

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HR & absence management

Effortlessly manage staff absence, holiday allowances, career history, pay history and more. Store documents (like passports) and Rotaready will alert you before they expire.

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Open API — integration friendly

Rotaready integrates out-of-the-box with many popular payroll and HR providers, so there's no need to worry about duplicate entry of data or information not reconciling.

We also have an open API — this means it's super easy for developers to connect Rotaready to other systems.

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Next shift? Just ask Alexa

With our iPhone and Android apps, there are so many ways your staff can keep up to date. Now there's a new way.

Add the Rotaready Skill to your Amazon Echo and just ask:
Alexa, ask Rotaready when I'm working?

Find the Skill here

Join some of the UK's most ambitious businesses

Bars, pubs, restaurants

James Brown
Operations Director, BrewDog

With Rotaready we're reaping huge benefits on staff engagement and service quality improvements.

Our managers are getting their rotas right first time, with greater focus on commercial performance.

We're delighted to work with a company committed to continual improvement through dialogue with its customers.

In short Rotaready kicks ass, the team are ace and our teams love using it.

Hotels & hospitality

David Tracey
Operations Director, Manorview

Rotaready gives us a real time view of performance across all our hotels and restaurants.

Now we keep service levels tracked against what's expected - we used to always be behind, now we're always ahead.

The built-in intelligence is the main reason we chose Rotaready. It saves us an enormous amount of time.

If Apple made rota scheduling software, this would be it!

Leisure & entertainment

Jean Johnson
Financial Controller, Topgolf

Rotaready's time & attendance is clear, trustworthy and ready for payroll. Plus it automatically manages holiday accrual - this has saved us hours, if not days of admin time.

The cross-site reporting is excellent and allows us to run a more efficient business, with much greater visibility on staffing levels and labour cost.

It's clear Rotaready really value us as a customer, rather than another number on a spreadsheet.

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