Time & attendance

Attendance monitoring made simple

How can you be sure of who is clocking in and out, and exactly when they are doing so? Swipe cards can be lost or shared with co-workers. And biometric devices are well-known to be unreliable.

We have the answer. With Rotaready your attendance monitoring will be more accurate than ever.

Other features

Rota scheduling



Demand forecasting


Detect attendance issues automatically

Rotaready watches your attendance records around-the-clock, instantly flagging issues that can be resolved with one click.

  • Suspect attendance, missing shifts, breaks or clock-outs automatically detected

  • Full audit trail of records and amendments

  • Holidays and paid absence accounted for

  • Accept or reject overtime with a single click

Mobile clock-in with GPS

Give your team the option to clock-in and out from their phone with the Rotaready mobile app.

  • Control the distance from which employees can clock-in

  • Monitor staff time with perfect accuracy

  • Use in harmony with on-site clock-in devices, or go mobile-only

  • Eliminate time wasted clocking-in, forgotten PIN codes or swipe cards

Make buddy clocking a thing of the past

Eliminate the need for expensive hardware with the Rotaready Kiosk app, available on Android and iPad tablets.

  • Clock-in using a tablet you already have on-site, or take one from us

  • Optionally require a PIN code or photo capture for extra security

  • No need for expensive professional installation

Magically integrate with rotas & payroll

Let Rotaready auto-magically match attendance records with shifts. Then sit back and watch as your rounding rules are instantly applied.

  • Automatic marriage of shift and attendance records

  • Create custom rounding rules, also known as sanitisation

  • Feed data straight into payroll or export in many formats

  • Full visibility over scheduled vs actual hours

Tailor to your needs

We understand that every business is a little bit different. That's why we let you dictate how Rotaready is set-up.

  • Flexible permission levels

  • Set rules for better cost management

  • Clock-in and out via mobile, tablet or both

  • Enable shift reminders and more

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