7 ways hotels can deliver exceptional customer experience

Megan Lipscombe

Megan Lipscombe

Marketing Lead

Delivering great customer experience is essential for most businesses, but even more so for those working in the hospitality industry. Exceptional customer experience is something hotel guests have come to expect as standard. So how can you ensure you’re providing first class customer experience? Here are 7 things you should be doing.

Implement a loyalty scheme and pay attention to returning guests

It’s a good idea to introduce a loyalty scheme to encourage guests to stay at your hotel again and again. Think a free breakfast or drink in your bar on a second visit, a discounted rate on a third visit, or even 1 night free on their 5th visit.  

There’s a lot to be said for showing your customers that you value their business. If your guests feel valued as a customer they’ll be more likely to stay with you again. Even more so if there’s an incentive on offer. 

You should also consider implementing a system where you can store important information on returning customers. This is something several of our clients have found to be hugely beneficial. Having insight into information such as each customer’s preferred time to stay with you, favourite dish in your restaurant and date of birth, will mean you can deliver personalised experiences for every visitor. 

Give employees the opportunity to experience a ‘day in the life of a customer’ 

Help your staff understand first hand the service being provided, by putting them in the shoes of a customer for a day. Not only will this help increase their customer empathy and better understand any frustrations they may have; it’ll give them a great understanding of different roles across the business.

Take a customer first approach

It’s the the oldest trick in the book but there’s a reason for that. You won’t go far wrong if you always have the customer front of mind when making any business decisions. 

Train employees on more than just their role

Don’t just train your staff in their role. Make sure they have good knowledge of the overall business, the roles of other employees and are clued up on the local area. 

Providing transparency on things such as your business model, objectives and strategy will help your team feel more invested in the business. As a result they’ll be more likely to want to and succeed in delivering the exceptional level of service your guests are looking for. 

And with knowledge of the local area they’ll be able to take that level of service one step further by offering your guests advice and recommendations on the local area. Don’t limit customer experience to the basics, train your staff to take it that one step further.

Give your team the flexibility to think on their feet

Not everything is black and white so don’t be too regimented in your approach. Give your employees responsibility and trust them to make decisions for themselves. Of course you’ll have procedures and guidelines in place for certain situations, but there needs to be an element of flexibility involved. 

Giving your staff the freedom to deal with customer complaints in a way they see fit, will not only mean your customers are receiving a solution tailored to them; but giving your team more responsibility is highly likely to leave them with greater respect for you and the business.

Outline the main do’s and don’ts for common situations and leave the rest up to your team to use their best judgement.

Get customer feedback and act on it

It’s one thing asking for customer feedback but unless you act on it, it’s pointless. Show your guests that you’re taking their feedback on board and implementing requested changes and improvements to improve their overall experience.

Plan ahead

Every day is different. Whether it’s increased room bookings in the summer months or more people eating in your hotel restaurant due to bad weather; there a number of things that could affect how busy each area of your business is. Make sure you’re aware of everything that could impact how busy you are in advance. 

Making sure you have the right level of staff to meet demand is a key player in the level of customer experience you can provide your guests with. Too few staff will leave your customers impatient and frustrated. Whereas scheduling too many staff to work will be overwhelming and leave you unnecessarily out of pocket. Make the most of the technology available to help you predict future footfall based on past trends,upcoming events and weather forecasts. 

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