The benefits of integrated business solutions for hospitality

Megan Lipscombe

Megan Lipscombe

Head of Marketing

Every hospitality business is different, each with its own set of needs and requirements. Selecting the right solutions for each area of your business is one thing; but you also need to consider the importance of these solutions speaking to one another. Integrating solutions comes with a great deal of benefits, from productivity and data accuracy, to time saving and customer service. Here’s a bit more about some of them… 

Time saving & productivity

If all of your business solutions speak to one another you’ll only ever need to collect and input data once. Removing the need for your team to input the same data into different systems, will free up valuable time they can then spend on other areas of the business. This goes hand in hand with productivity. Not only does time saving help increase productivity, having solutions in place that ‘speak to’ one another will help your employees stay well informed and work more efficiently as a result.

Improved customer service

Integrating your business solutions will help your team deliver better customer service. Real-time integrations between EPOS, reservation and inventory management solutions, will enable your team to make instant customer service changes based on the likes of reservation requests, table allocations and the availability of certain menu items. Integrated solutions will also help you plan better as a business; so you can always be sure you’ll have enough staff working and menu items available to keep your customers happy. This combined with the time saving you’ll achieve will help you improve customer service across the board. 

More informed business decisions

With visibility over the likes of live sales and wage costs all in one place, you can make more informed decisions. For example, if your reservation and EPOS systems speak to your staff scheduling solution, you can plan future staff rotas based on past data. Integrating these three solutions will give you immediate answers to questions such as ‘How many sales did you make or bookings did you take on the same time last year?’. With Rotaready you can even factor in the impact of things like the weather on how busy you might be. 

One source of truth 

Having integrated business solutions means everyone is on the same page. Whether you work in head office, in the kitchen or front of house, everyone has real-time visibility of the same information. Manual entry of data is also significantly reduced as it only ever needs to be done once, if at all. So not only is there one source of truth across the business, the risk of human error becomes negligible.

To conclude…

Whatever solutions you choose for your hospitality business, make sure they can speak to one another – it’ll make life a lot easier for you and your team, and make your business operations much more efficient.

At Rotaready we know just how important it is to handpick the best solutions for each area of your business. That’s why we offer unlimited free integrations to all of our customers. From EPOS and reservations, to training and communications, we let you handpick the best solutions for each area of your business – without the hassle and cost of linking them together. We’re continually adding new real-time integrations to our ecosystem, so you can integrate with an existing partner, choose from those we already work with or get started with someone completely new.

If you’d like more information on any of our integrations you can find out more here. Or get in touch via live chat – we’ll be happy to answer any questions you may have.

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