The perfect payroll partnership – Rotaready and WS&Co

Jamie Harvey

Jamie Harvey


Rotas will always sit at the heart of our platform. However, as every hospitality business will know, it’s only one part of the workforce management landscape.

From day one, a key principle for us has always been ‘best of breed’. This means that rather than spreading ourselves too thin and being a ‘jack of all trades’, we aspire to excel in the areas we focus on, and integrate with awesome partners in the areas we don’t. If you’re a Rotaready customer, you’ll have seen the innovation we’ve brought to rotas, time & attendance and cost control – each being a highly detailed, specific and specialised area.

Sometimes it’s easy to draw the line where Rotaready stops and where a third-party partner starts. A great example being EPOS. There’s a huge number of fantastic providers out there, with modern APIs, with whom we integrate. You can check out our latest EPOS integrations here. 

But sometimes it’s harder to draw the line. Depending on your role, you might have a different opinion on whether tronc should sit within a scheduling system, within payroll, or even on its own. After extensive research, we decided it’d be a great addition to Rotaready and it’s been in huge demand since we launched it in August (check out our blog here).

And then there’s payroll; one of the areas where we love to integrate. Some businesses will manage their payroll in house, where our integrations with Xero and BrightPay prove really popular. Other businesses prefer to use a bureau for a fully managed service. We’ve worked with different bureaus in the past, but it’s only been in the last 12 months that we found our perfect match in Williams, Stanley & Co.

When searching for our payroll partner, we wanted a team we could rely on and who’d offer consistently awesome customer service. WS&Co are the first bureau we’ve come across to do this. As ex-owner/operators of hospitality businesses, they’re all too aware of the very same payroll & accounting intricacies our customers face.

There’s no revenue sharing or financial incentive for us recommending each other. It purely comes down to perfect alignment between two like-minded companies looking to do the best we can for our customers. In fact, we share a dedicated group chat with everyone at WS&Co so we can communicate efficiently and operate as one team. From a customer’s perspective, a thorough partnership like this means we can each focus on our own areas of speciality, whilst offering a seamless end-to-end service.

If you’re a Rotaready customer looking to improve accounting and payroll, your Customer Success Manager will be delighted to introduce you to WS&Co. If you’re not an existing customer but would like to know more about this partnership, then email us at and we’ll be happy to answer any questions you have.

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