New EPOS integrations: Comtrex, EposNow, StockLink, Tevalis

Carl Holloway

Carl Holloway


We’re delighted to announce four new real-time integrations, now available to all current and future Rotaready customers at no extra cost:

  • Access StockLink (formerly IBS)
  • Comtrex
  • EposNow
  • Tevalis

We’re really excited to be adding yet more industry-leading names to our ever growing list of integration parters across retail, hospitality and leisure.

How do they work?

By reading sales transactions from your EPOS provider’s API, Rotaready populates your sales figures automatically. They’ll appear in Cost Control and all other key tools and reports, helping you control and analyse your wage spend.

Sales are automatically attributed to the correct site, department and stream, which means no double entry of data.

Also, by capturing your sales at an hourly granularity (or lower), we’re able to help you forecast future sales with our demand forecasting technology.

We’ve even written an article on how your automated sales predictions work.

Getting started

It’s simple, just reach out to your Customer Success Manager here at Rotaready with the name of your EPOS provider.

They’ll configure your mappings – so everything marries up between the two platforms – and switch on the integration when you’re ready.

We’re committed to making seamless, reliable integrations work for everyone. We firmly believe joined-up systems are the future and promise our integrations will always be free, forever.

If you’re an EPOS provider and would like your customers to benefit from an integration with Rotaready, just drop our team an email at – we’re always on the lookout for more integration partners.

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