6 new integrations: Collins, Centegra, Goodtill, Lightspeed, Aloha, OpenTable

Carl Holloway

Carl Holloway


It may be a couple of months since our last integration update, but boy have we been busy! I’m delighted to announce six new integrations, immediately available to all Rotaready customers at no extra cost.

  • Access Collins (DesignMyNight)
  • Centegra
  • Goodtill
  • Lightspeed K-Series (formerly iKentoo)
  • NCR Aloha
  • OpenTable

These integrations cement our ongoing commitment to the hospitality industry, and add even more leading names to our list of integration parters.

How do they work?

For the EPOS systems (Centegra, Goodtill, Lightspeed and NCR Aloha), the integrations will automatically import your sales transactions for every venue, department and stream.

Rotaready will then display your hourly net sales (excluding local sales taxes, such as VAT) in our Cost Control tools and across many reports. These sales figures will also be broken out by your streams (such as drink vs food) and displayed alongside the equivalent labour costs, allowing real-time analysis of your wage spend and labour percentage.

For the reservations and booking systems (Collins and OpenTable), the integrations will automatically import your bookings for every venue. Rotaready will then display all your upcoming and historical bookings on the Rota Editor and across a host of reports. You’ll see the total bookings and total covers for each hour too, allowing you to build the perfect rota to meet anticipated demand.

Every integration works on a real-time or an hourly basis, which means the data you see in Rotaready will always be up-to-date. There’s no need to wait for changes to happen overnight 👍

Turbocharged demand forecasts

Capturing your sales and bookings in such a granular way provides our demand forecasting technology with a tonne of useful data. This means Rotaready can give you highly accurate, hourly sales forecasts for every site and department.

Just ask your account manager if you’d like to explore our automated demand forecasts.

Getting started

Some integrations can be self-enabled, just login to Rotaready and click on Settings. If the one you’re looking for isn’t there, it usually means we need the third-party provider to send us some information, like an API key. Just reach out to us on live-chat and our Customer Success team will get it sorted for you.

We’re committed to making seamless, reliable integrations work for everyone. We firmly believe joined-up systems are the future and promise our integrations will always be free, forever.

If you’re an EPOS provider or a reservations platform and would like your customers to benefit from an integration with Rotaready, just drop our team an email at team@rotaready.com – we’re always on the lookout for more integration partners.

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