The time & cost saving benefits of investing in rota software

Megan Lipscombe

Megan Lipscombe

Head of Marketing

When deciding on new rota software, there are a fair few features and functionalities that you’re going to want to look out for; something we covered in a recent blog – ‘Selecting the right rota software for your business – 9 features to look out for’. But have you considered the time and cost saving benefits that come with these fantastic features? 

Here we cover some of the ways in which the right rota software could be saving time and money; plus a few insights from some of our clients:

Real-time visibility over costs and revenue

With real-time visibility over your costs, you can optimise your wage spend in line with sales and demand. This way you can make sure you always have the right number of staff on hand to meet demand, without overspending. Or, equally important (and expensive), but often overlooked – underspending. 

I use Rotaready’s cost control constantly throughout the day to see how we’re doing. The enhanced visibility and control it’s given us over our costs has helped us achieve a labour percentage we previously thought to be impossible. It’s gone from an average of 32% to under 26% and drops even further in the summer months; averaging around 22% in our wet led pubs.

Andy Griffin, Cluster Manager – Roseacre Pub Company

Real-time rota changes

Unlike with paper or excel based rotas, any changes to your rota will be updated in real-time when using intelligent rota software, notifying the affected colleagues. This will save you time on redistributing the rota to your employees and mean there is never any confusion over who is working and when; even if you do have to make some last minute changes.

Automatic sanitisation of attendance data

Not only is having a solution that takes care of monitoring employee attendance a big time saver, it can help you ensure you’re always paying your employees correctly. Rotaready’s sanitisation feature automatically prepares employee clock ins and outs for payroll, per your company policy. The tidied attendance data can then be fed directly into payroll, so you can be sure you are never under or overpaying your team for the time they have worked.

Seamless holiday management

Tracking holiday entitlement, sickness records and other absences via your rota software will remove any manual or paper-based processes. Saving you a huge amount of time and making calculating holiday accrual effortless.

Before Rotaready, holiday management was completely manual, making monitoring employee holidays and calculating accrual a real headache for us. Having everything under one system has made things so much easier – holiday management is more accurate than ever and we’re saving both time and money as a result.

John Wark, Compliance Manager – Namco 

Templates and automatic rota building

There will be a degree of similarity between your staff rotas so you may want to consider using rota templates to specify your fixed or baseline staffing levels. By creating rotas from these templates you’ll save yourself time on repetitive rota building and just have to change any variables. With the right rota software you’ll also be able to automatically assign shifts to available & eligible employees, and balance rest and fairness across your workforce if there’s room to do so.

Working with Rotaready has made life easier for the entire business. Scheduling staff time is easy, payroll is more accurate than ever and we have saved a huge amount of time on admin heavy tasks.

Jack Nimmons, Operations Manager – Mark Sargeant

Demand forecasting

A time and cost saver. Rota software with the ability to predict future demand will both save you time on trying to predict footfall yourself and ensure you always have the right number of people on hand to meet demand; helping you perfect your labour cost percentage.

Being able to automatically build staff rotas that account for staff availability and future demand has made a world of difference to us. In fact it’s meant we are able to better deploy almost 100 hours every week.

Carlton Graham, Operations Director – Manorview Hotels

Not only has Rotaready has helped us save a significant amount on unnecessary wage spend, we’ve been able to better deploy over 16 hours per week across the business through smarter processes and also boost our revenue through better visibility of forecasts. As a result we’ve seen a 577% return on our investment.

Leo Day, Managing Director – Golden Lion Group

If you’d like more information on how using Rotaready could save you time and money then email us at or message us via the live chat on our website. And for more customer stories, just click here.

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