Rotaready product update – January 2022

Megan Lipscombe

Megan Lipscombe

Head of Marketing

To kick off 2022, we’ve got some exciting updates for you. Including, but not limited to; two brand new integrations, historical figures within Cost Control, and worked hours within the Rotaready app. Here’s what’s new…

Worked hours in the Rotaready app 

Replicating what managers can see under the attendance section in Rotaready, this update gives employees an overview of the hours they worked each day.

Employees can see the hours they were scheduled to work, the hours they actually worked based on when they clocked in and out, and the hours they’ll be paid for, based on your organisation’s sanitisation rules and the approval of any overtime.

We now integrate with pointOne EPOS 🎉

The integration between Rotaready and pointOne enables hourly sales to be pulled automatically into Rotaready from pointOne; removing the need for you to enter your sales figures manually. 

This is not only a huge timesaver, it allows you to see hourly sales for each site alongside your labour costs; giving you visibility over all of your key metrics in one place.

Historical figures within Cost Control 

You can now compare historical figures in Cost Control. Within your forecast or actual sections, you can choose to include figures from any previous week, making it super easy to compare your current week’s sales and wages against last week, or even the same week last year! We’ve also made it possible to compare against multiple weeks at the same time; helping you analyse how your numbers are trending. 

To get started, open Cost Control and click Compare Figures above your forecast or actual sections.

A brand new integration with Eploy 🙌🏼

This integration enables employee records to be created automatically within Rotaready, when someone is marked as hired within Eploy; streamlining your applicant tracking and employee scheduling.

Employee documents such as contracts and passports, can also be automatically transferred from Eploy to Rotaready and are saved against an employee’s profile in the relevant document category.  

Shift history within the Rota Editor

For the first time, we’re making it possible to see every change that was ever made to a rota. You can now see a full chronological audit trail, including every shift that was modified, added or deleted, and crucially by whom and at what time.

To get started, click Rota History in the Tools menu when viewing a rota.

If you’d like to know more about any of these updates feel free to get in touch via live chat or contact your Customer Success Manager. And if you’re interested in what’s coming next, you can find our full roadmap here.

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