An integrated approach to attendance tracking and payroll – the benefits

Megan Lipscombe

Megan Lipscombe

Head of Marketing

Accurate time and attendance records are integral to payroll accuracy – this is  just one of the reasons why it’s so important to integrate your time and attendance and payroll solutions. Here we discuss a number of other benefits and a bit about the integration between Rotaready and PayCaptain… 

No double entry of data

Integrating your time and attendance solution with your payroll system will remove the need to manually input your attendance data into your payroll solution. Not only is this a big timesaver, it removes the risk of human error.

The integration between Rotaready and PayCaptain links your employee records with your payroll records. So when rotas and tronc are signed off within Rotaready, this information is pulled into PayCaptain automatically and used to inform payroll.   

Ensure accurate payroll

Rotaready automatically prepares data for payroll by intelligently matching attendance data with shifts. This allows Rotaready to identify where colleagues have clocked in or out, early or late, and apply your business policies. Every business is different, but a common example is trimming off any time when a colleague clocks in early, and seeking manager approval when a colleague clocks out late. This means the data passed downstream to PayCaptain is the true payable data, rather than simply the raw attendance data.

This in turn means your team will always be paid accurately and fairly for the hours they have worked, the holidays they’ve taken, and their share of the tronc (if appropriate). 

Visibility and transparency

The Rotaready mobile app allows colleagues to see their exact clock in and out times, along with the hours that will be passed through to payroll. Similarly, colleagues can use PayCaptain’s app to see their payslips. Thanks to the integration, the numbers on both apps will always match!

Employees always paid on time 

By removing the need to move data between systems and the admin that comes with it, an integration between your time and attendance and payroll solutions helps you ensure that your employees are always paid on time.

PayCaptain has immediate access to signed-off hours in Rotaready, making it both easier and more efficient to process payroll on time. As soon as hours are signed off in the Rotaready app, employees also have the option to access a proportion of their pay via PayCaptain’s Emergency Cash feature.

Mutual support

The integration between Rotaready and PayCaptain extends beyond the tech. Our teams work incredibly closely together to support our mutual clients throughout implementation and ongoing use of the two solutions, should they need it…  

“The combination of the Rotaready and PayCaptain technology enable our customers to operate a highly automated payroll process – loved by the companies that use it, but also by their employees.   In today’s world people have high expectations of business applications and the user experience needs to be great.   Our partnership not only makes it easier to handle the complexities of paying people accurately every week, but also helps employees manage their work lives and get the most from their employment.”

Simon Bocca, Founder, PayCaptain

Through Rotaready’s open API, we’re proud to integrate with a range of third party hospitality platforms, covering everything from EPOS, reservations, training, recruitment, communications and more. From the moment we met PayCaptain, we immediately knew that an integration and a deeper partnership was a no brainer.

Forging and fostering a partnership with a third party means hanging our reputation on its success, so it’s not something we do lightly. PayCaptain made this decision particularly easy for us. Not only do they offer a proven, quality platform built by those with decades of hospitality experience, PayCaptain shares our passion for delivering impressive ROI, great user experience, and best-in-class customer service.

Jamie Harvey, Co-Founder, Rotaready

Don’t just take our word for it…

The integration between Rotaready and PayCaptain cuts down our workload massively! The integration itself comes with heaps of benefits but the partnership between the two companies is particularly special. A three way conversation is never difficult, everyone knows the different components of what you’re talking about and the support from both sides is genuinely 10/10. I wouldn’t want to work in any other way.

Nina Coleman, Operations Manager, Flourish

If you’d like more information about Rotaready (, PayCaptain (, or the integration between the two solutions, then let us know via email or live chat – we’ll be happy to answer any questions you have.

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