Calculating your furlough pay

Megan Lipscombe

Megan Lipscombe

Head of Marketing

A furlough calculator for employees, brought to you by Rotaready & TiPJAR

Over the past few weeks many of those working in hospitality, retail and leisure have been furloughed due to the COVID-19 pandemic. As a result, many are struggling to work out how much they’re going to be paid. It’s not a straightforward calculation and there are a number of variables to consider, especially if you’re paid hourly.

So we’ve teamed up with TiPJAR to develop a furlough calculator for employees. By entering a few key details, you can work out what you’ll be paid if you’ve been furloughed. If you haven’t yet been furloughed, but suspect you may be further down the line, you can still use the calculator to give you an idea of what you’ll receive.

Take me to the furlough calculator

If you’ve got your head around furlough pay, but want more information on what support is available for employees and employers, here are a few sources you might find helpful: 

COVID-19: support for businesses –
Furloughed workers: Q&As – Institute of Hospitality
Coronavirus information for hospitality businesses – UKHospitality
UKHospitality: Your furloughed workers FAQs answered – Boutique Hotelier
Coronavirus advice hub for hospitality – The Caterer

If you’re a Rotaready client and would like advice on how you can adjust the way you use Rotaready, to help with any changes you are having to make as result of the COVID-19 pandemic; then don’t hesitate to get in touch with your Customer Success Manager or email us at Here are some of the ways we can help make your life easier: 

  • Enabling remote clocking in to aid working from home
  • Bulk importing absence records (such as putting through holiday records for affected staff)
  • Bulk changing pay records (e.g. applying a mass or selective adjustment), 
  • Identifying average working hours over the last 52 weeks for accurate furlough pay 

Alternatively, if you have the capacity to use the quiet period to generally improve the way you’re using Rotaready then we’ll be happy to advise you on any additional features you might want to explore, integrations you could enable or just generally cleaning up your data.

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