ICRTouch integration is live!

Carl Holloway

Carl Holloway


We’re delighted to announce yet another real-time integration, ICRTouch, is now available to all current and future Rotaready customers. And as usual, it’s absolutely free.

How does it work?

ICRTouch is a popular EPOS provider, used by many of our hospitality and retail customers. They also have a range of partners, including Gardiff EPOS.

Rotaready now automatically reads sales data out of ICRTouch on an hourly basis, for every site and for all of your cost streams (dry, wet, etc.). This data is immediately visible in Rotaready everywhere we display sales, such as your Cost Control tools.

Real-time sales makes Rotaready’s reporting even more powerful; leading to more informed business decisions and a better grip on wage spend. Not to mention no more double entry of data!

Getting started

It’s really easy:

  1. We need your ICRTouch TAK(s) (Terminal Access Keys). Just drop them a note if you don’t have these to hand, and ask them to enable Rotaready API access for your account.
  2. Send the TAK(s) over to us and we’ll enable your integration. We’ll also map your ICRTouch ‘sites’ and ‘departments’ to Rotaready sites and cost streams respectively, so everything marries up.
  3. You’re live!

We’re committed to making seamless, reliable integrations work for everyone. We firmly believe joined-up systems are the future and promise our integrations will always be free, forever.

If you’re an EPOS provider and would like your customers to benefit from an integration with Rotaready, just drop our team a line – we’re always on the lookout for more integration partners.

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