Flow integration, now live!

Neil Franklin

Neil Franklin

Key Account Manager

The past few months have seen a number of new integrations released by the Rotaready engineering team, the latest of which is Flow. Much like the others it’s absolutely free for everyone.

What’s involved?

Flow is a learning and development solution tailored for the hospitality sector and is used widely by many of Rotaready’s hospitality & leisure customers.

Rotaready staff updates (new starters, leavers, appointment updates) will be reflected in Flow automatically. Whenever a user is created, updated or an appointment record is altered, Rotaready will update Flow in real time. New starters will be added to Flow before their first shift and Rotaready will set each user ID accordingly, so both systems have a common identifier going forwards.

Getting started

Pre-existing Flow customers will already have many trainees in their system, and each of these will have a blank ‘identifier’. A quick (but manual) reconciliation process therefore needs to take place to set these identifiers to their corresponding Rotaready IDs. This will ensure Rotaready doesn’t create duplicate accounts in Flow for pre-existing trainees.

3 simple steps:

  1. A one-time Rotaready user export is sent to Flow
  2. Flow reconcile the data and set the identifier for each pre-existing Trainee to their Rotaready ID
  3. Rotaready configure the integration with data mappings & your Flow authentication credentials

And that’s it… the integration is live!


If you’re a learning and development solution provider and would like your customers to benefit from an integration with Rotaready, just drop our team a line – we’re always on the lookout for more integration partners.

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