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Megan Lipscombe

Megan Lipscombe

Head of Marketing

Next up in our ’60 seconds with…’ series is our Business Development Manager, Matt. Born and bred in the USA, he made his move to Rotaready little under a year ago. Here’s what he did before, what his favourite meal is and what you’ll find him singing at karaoke.

What did you do before working at Rotaready?

Well in a previous life I walked dogs and shovelled driveways, worked at a grocery store and at summer camps. 15 years later and after a stint in Digital Marketing sales, I was working in SaaS company using software to help businesses plan their routes for delivery vehicles…If you would like to know more please buy me a drink. 

What do you like most about your job?

Rotaready gives me the flexibility to work how I want. If I need to work from home for personal reasons or to get my head down I can. If I need to walk in to see some clients, I’m able to build my own schedule. It’s a great example of how I feel trusted and empowered. It’s clear Rotaready wants to lead by example and is doing a great job of it.  I also get to work with a great team of talented people all based in East Croydon! 

Where do you see yourself in 20 years’ time?

Working at the forefront of technology and using it to help people solve problems!

If you weren’t working in sales, which role would you take on?

Definitely working with our Customer Support team, I thrive when I can speak to people and help them solve a problem. It’s great to hear them keep our customers happy no matter what the issue might be. I’d also like to own the business but not sure Carl and Jamie would swap with me 👀 

What’s your dream holiday destination?

I love going to places with historical value where I can cite obscure facts (that are probably wrong) to my wife Helen, while she smiles and nods. This feeling is amplified when there is ample sun and beer! 🍻

What’s your favourite meal?

Chicken parmesan and  Helen’s Caesar salad! 

What are you most likely to be found doing at the weekend?

Asking confused restaurant staff, bartenders and shop workers in Brighton, about what rota system they use. 

What would you sing at Karaoke night?

Destiny’s Child- Bootylicious 

If you could have one superpower what would it be?

The ability to correct grammar and punctuation with a glance. 

What’s your best joke?

Want to hear a Nirvana joke? No? Oh, well—never mind!

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