5 employee pain points you might be missing

Megan Lipscombe

Megan Lipscombe

Head of Marketing

Your employees are your greatest asset, yet they are often hugely undervalued. With some of the the worst employee retention rates going, retailers should be the first to address this. So what pain points are you missing and how can you make sure your staff feel appreciated?

Poor communication

People appreciate transparency, they don’t want to hear things second hand through the grape vine. Be it a change in company policy, an upcoming event or sharing weekly rotas, make sure all of your employees are kept in the loop.

Last minute release and changes of shifts

It’s important to remember that people have lives outside of work and will want to make plans. Shifts being shared late in the day or changed last minute will affect what your staff are able to commit to socially which could lead to resentment. Not only that, having to deal with numerous enquiries from impatient staff about when their shifts are will be a waste of your time too.

Mistakes in payroll

This one is pretty self explanatory. Paying people incorrectly is never going to go down well. Be it paying them for too many or too few hours, missing holiday pay or overtime, they’re not going to be impressed. Make sure you have systems in place to ensure these mistakes don’t happen.

Lack of flexibility

51% of employees wish their company offered more flexible work options. As we mentioned earlier, everyone has a life outside of work and it’s important to accommodate for that. Your staff don’t want to be worrying about asking to switch a shift to accommodate for an appointment or event they need to attend. Make it clear that you are flexible on shift changes in certain situations.

Voice goes unheard

If staff feel like they are being listened to and are valued by their employer they are more likely to be motivated to work to the very best of their ability; This will benefit both you and your customers. Happy staff means happy customers which makes for a successful business.

And that’s a wrap…

It’s simple really. Pay attention to what makes your staff happy and put solutions and policies in place to make those things happen.

If you would like more information on how Rotaready can help you keep employees up to date, share shifts with them at a click of a button and deliver perfect payroll, then email us at team@rotaready.com or drop us a message via the live chat.

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