Rota scheduling

Perfect staff rotas, every time

Ensuring your business is appropriately staffed to meet demand is easier said than done. Rotaready removes the hassle from scheduling employees by giving you the ability to build perfect staff rotas automatically.

Other features

Time & attendance



Demand forecasting


Build staff rotas in minutes, not hours

Rotaready has a whole host of tools to help you schedule in record time, so you can get back to running your business.

  • Generate rotas automatically or build by hand

  • Clone previous rotas

  • All your changes are instantly validated to check staff availability, skills, contractual hours and regulatory compliance

An amazing editing experience

We spent years designing and perfecting our rota editor. It's beautifully simple to use yet packed full of intelligent features. No easy feat if we say so ourselves!

  • Drag and drop everything, from shifts to people

  • View a day, week or month at a glance

  • Easily switch between departments and sites

  • Live charts of staffing levels, revenue, bookings and more

  • Optimised for desktop, mobile and tablet

Data driven scheduling

With a view on all the factors that influence demand, it's easy to optimise your schedule and your labour spend.

  • Hours and wage costs updated in real-time as you make changes to the rota

  • See a true cost of labour, inclusive of social taxes and smoothed holiday costs

  • Powerful budgeting and analysis

  • Forecasted and actual revenue, live from your EPOS system

  • Live local weather forecasts and upcoming local events

Communication is key

Rota software that engages your people with real-time updates, and empowers them with flexible shift swaps.

  • Instant, context-rich shift updates

  • Free Rotaready app for the whole team, available on iOS and Android

  • Free text message, email and push notifications

  • Call in staff last minute with Shift Broadcast

Fully compliant

We've got your back. We make sure your rotas tick all the boxes when it comes to compliance.

  • Working Time regulation compliance

  • Rotas that adhere to employee contractual terms, skills and guaranteed hours

  • Shifts only allocated to employees with up to date records and uploaded documentation

  • Optional rota approval at manager level before shifts are published

  • Powerful Tronc tool for managing and distributing tips

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