Effortless rota scheduling for retailers

Make more time for what matters most with rota scheduling, cost tracking and time management software developed for retail businesses of every size.

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Manage multiple stores from one location

Full visibility and control over all of your stores from wherever you are.

  • Keep an eye on staff attendance across the entire business

  • Track live wage costs, hours, budgets and sales

  • Control the approval of rotas by store or region

  • Compare forecast & actual hours, and see who's ready for payroll

Spend less time scheduling and more on your business

The ability to automatically build rotas informed by staff availability, budgets, footfall and more. Giving you more time to spend on your wider buiness needs.

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Give more power to your employees

The Rotaready mobile app comes as standard. Your team can see their schedule, swap shifts, request time off and more, all at the tap of a button.

  • Personalised schedule, with instant shift update notifications

  • Book time off, view holiday allowances or accrued hours

  • Clock-in and out from within the app, using secure GPS

  • Swap shifts or pick up extra hours

Schedule in line with demand

Visibility of historical sales and footfall, upcoming events and more; allowing you to forecast demand with ease and optimise your wage spend.

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Full compliance

Working Time Regulations? GDPR? We make sure your rotas tick all the boxes when it comes to compliance and the law.

  • Compliance with every aspect of the Working Time Directive

  • Secure staff document storage with alerts before they expire

  • Live rota validation, ensuring contractual hours are covered

  • Fully compliant with GDPR and other Data Protection legislation

See what our customers say

With Rotaready we’re reaping huge benefits on staff engagement and service quality improvements. We’re delighted to work with a company committed to continual improvement through dialogue with its customers.

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Rotaready features

Rota scheduling

By remembering your requirements and identifying the most appropriate shift patterns based on employee contracts and availability, Rotaready removes the guesswork from staff scheduling.

Time & attendance

Clocking in and out has never been so simple. Your employees can register their attendance from their mobile phone, using facial recognition or by entering their pin into a wall-mounted tablet.


We know that rota scheduling goes hand in hand with staff management, that’s why we have made it possible for you to view and manage all employee records from within Rotaready.


Keep your payroll in-house, integrate Rotaready with your existing payroll partner or opt for our fully managed service. You choose what works best for your business.

Demand forecasting

Using past data to automatically predict sales, demand and other key factors, we help you build schedules with the perfect number of staff to meet demand.


We integrate with a whole host of key tools, from EPOS to reservations and payroll systems; meaning you can handpick the best solutions for every area of your business.

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