Scheduling software that's affordable, yet best-in-class


from £39 p/m


from £49 p/m

  • ...the HR package and:
  • Rota scheduling
  • Advanced rota editor
  • Personalised schedules
  • Powerful reporting
  • Shift swapping
  • Mobile apps
  • Export to payroll


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  • ...the Business package and:
  • Fully tailored
  • Multi currency/timezone
  • Premium support
  • Agency worker support
  • Bespoke integration

Constant innovation, for free

With Rotaready, you're always on the latest version. This means you'll benefit from all our new features for no extra cost. And we're always innovating — we have so many awesome enhancements on the way.

No hidden costs or charges

Once you've chosen a package, that's it. It doesn't matter how many rotas you make or how many text messages get sent, our price won't change.

The prices above reflect use of Rotaready in one site, so if you have multiple sites please drop us a line — we'll put a competitive quote together for you.

All prices exclusive of VAT at 20%. Prices above assume a 12 month contract and a small single site.

Frequently asked questions

Is the free trial really free?

Absolutely! When you've signed-up, a Rotaready expert (from our small friendly team) will get in touch.

There's so many things to tweak and settings to get right — by speaking with you they'll customise everything to suit your needs, so you get the most out of your free month. They'll also give you an accurate quote.

We don't take any payment details, so there's nothing to cancel at the end of the month.

What if I have multiple sites/locations?

No problem. Rotaready can be deployed in as many locations or sites as you require. Almost every setting can be tailored uniquely for each site too, which is handy if things work differently across different parts of your business.

Rotaready works great across different timezones and different currencies.

For the free trial we limit you to one location.

How do I pay?

If you'd like to continue once your free trial has elapsed (we'd be shocked if you didn't!), we send you a link to start paying monthly, by hassle-free electronic direct debit.

Is there a contract?

Not if you don't want one! You can simply pay monthly, with no contract. But we'll reward you with a discount if you take up a contract for a year or longer.

Is there a discount for non-profits?

Of course! Just send us your details and we'll let you know if you're eligible.

Do you have an SLA?

Yes. Businesses rely on Rotaready to underpin their operations. We have SLAs for enterprise customers. Contact us for more information.

How does time & attendance work?

Your staff can download the Rotaready mobile app for free. It'll only let them clock-in or out when they're within the confines of your workplace.

We also have cost effective self-install time & attendance kiosks (these are available to trial too). Simply put, we can send you the required hardware in the post. All you need to is connect it to your Wi-Fi.

Do you offer training?

Yes. But we're confident you'll find Rotaready a doddle to use! Email and telephone support is provided as standard with every package. We also have super handy how-to guides available online.

For enterprise customers, we'll create a training package around your needs. This will include full in-person training sessions for your managers, plus sets of printed learning materials if required.

Is there a setup fee?

Yes, only a little one. This goes towards importing your staff data, configuring Rotaready perfectly for your needs and a web-based training session to help you hit the ground running.

For your free trial, all of this is included. The setup fee is only payable should you choose to continue using Rotaready once your trial is over.

Can you integrate with 3rd party systems?

We love to! We already integrate with many of the big players in HR and Payroll.

See here to find out more, or just get in touch. We can take you through some success stories where our clients have integrated Rotaready with other systems.