Tenzo and Rotaready

An intelligent integration designed to help hospitality businesses take their reporting to the next level.

Our free integration with Tenzo gives you visibility over all of your data in one place, enabling you to manage your inventory and staffing levels based on insight from both Rotaready and Tenzo.

Screenshots of Rotaready and Tenzo

Ramp up your reporting

The integration between Tenzo and Rotaready allows labour data from Rotaready to be automatically combined with data from your POS and other systems to power Tenzo's advanced reporting.

Tenzo reads shifts, employees, salaries and signed-off worked hours from Rotaready and feeds this insight into Tenzo. With visibility over all of your data in one place you're able to understand aspects of your business much more clearly and make more informed decisions as a result.

Already a Rotaready customer?

Setting up the integration is easy. Drop us a live chat or an email and our customer success team will guide you through it.

About Tenzo

An analytics and sales forecasting platform for restaurants, bars and cafes, Tenzo allows you to view all of your data in one place.

  • Aggregate data across multiple data sources: inventory, labour, point of sale and reviews platforms.

  • Automated email reports and a beautifully designed analytics platform.

  • Lightening fast reporting with insights delivered in real-time to the right person.

  • Take control of your reviews with a social module which allows you to quickly respond to feedback coming from Google Places, Facebook and other platforms.

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