ICRTouch and Rotaready

A perfect pairing for hospitality: ICRTouch EPOS and Rotaready workforce management.

Our free integration imports your ICRTouch hourly sales to display alongside your labour costs, helping you master your wage cost percentage.

Next-level cost control

With our ICRTouch integration, there's no need to type your sales figures into Rotaready manually. They'll be imported automatically in near real-time and attributed to the correct site, department and stream.

Your net sales will appear in cost control, across various reports and on your rota in hourly time slots, alongside your wage costs, reservations, covers and the weather. Giving you everything you need to optimise your labour spend and make better informed decisions.

With the integration enabled, you can even let Rotaready forecast your sales for you, thanks to automatic analysis of your historical data.

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Setting up the integration is easy. Drop us a live chat or an email and our customer success team will guide you through it.

About ICRTouch

ICRTouch offers more than Point of Sale. Manage all areas of your business with our family of software. Easy to use, reliable and fast EPOS solutions individually tailored to the way you work.

  • TouchPoint is our flagship till software and provides effortless, reliable and proven service. Developed over 20 years and continually updated, TouchPoint remains on the cutting edge of hospitality and retail businesses.

  • Specialising in software for the hospitality industry, retail, takeaways, schools and universities, entertainments and sports venues and more.

  • Manage your business from anywhere in the world with TouchOffice Web, a real-time understanding of your business online.

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