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Rotaready was born in the world of pubs, bars, restaurants and hotels, where it's crucial to get your wage spend right. And it all lies in a great staff rota.

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Whether you look after 1 cafe or 100 restaurants, our cloud based rota software gives you full visibility and control over your rotas and your people.

  • Easily schedule staff rotas that are cost efficient and aligned to demand

  • Control financial performance with expected labour costs and powerful budgeting

  • Monitor staff attendance and timeliness across your entire estate

  • Produce perfect timesheets for payroll, including tronc and overtime

Save time on staff scheduling and optimise your wage spend

The ability to automatically build rotas informed by employee availability, skills, budgets and past schedules means you can get back to the important things, like serving tasty grub and delicious cocktails.

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Power to the people

The Rotaready mobile app comes as standard, and it's designed for everyone from chefs and waiters to baristas and hosts. They can check their upcoming shifts, clock-in, swap shifts and request time off at the tap of a button.

  • Real-time shift update notifications & rota changes

  • Book holiday, view this year's allowance or accrued hours

  • Swap shifts amongst colleagues

  • Clock-in and out from within the app, using secure GPS

  • Pick up extra hours with Shift Broadcasts

  • Increase staff engagement and drive retention

Take the guesswork out of scheduling and forecasting

Historical sales, upcoming events, reservations, the weather, and Rotaready's intelligent forecasts, all in one place. So you can build rotas that find the perfect balance between expected demand and the people needed to serve it.

  • Automatic sales predictions, powered by Rotaready's artificial intelligence

  • Bring everything together in one platform with our included integrations, from EPOS to reservations

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Compliance never looked so easy

Running a restaurant or hotel is stressful enough, let alone making sure you've given people the right hours and the legal amount of time off. Thankfully Rotaready handles it all.

  • Secure staff document storage with expiry-date alerts

  • Live rota validation that checks staff contractual hours, skills and more

  • Automatic compliance with all the rules of the Working Time regulations

  • Fully compliant with GDPR and other Data Protection legislation

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With Rotaready we're reaping huge benefits on staff engagement and service quality improvements. We're delighted to work with a company committed to continual improvement through dialogue with its customers.

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Rotaready features

Rota scheduling

Rota software that's so intelligent it can build your staff rota for you. And our beautiful drag-and-drop rota editor is packed full of tools to help you optimise your shifts and control wage spend.

Time & attendance

Clocking in and out has never been so simple. Capture employee attendance with the Rotaready app or an in-store tablet, manage overtime and approve timesheets for payroll.


Employee scheduling goes hand in hand with staffing, so we built everything you need to manage your employees, from time off and holiday accrual through to document storage and pay records.


Keep your payroll in-house, integrate Rotaready with your existing payroll partner or opt for our fully managed service. You choose what works best for your business.

Demand forecasting

Using past data to automatically predict sales, demand and other key factors, we help you build schedules with the perfect number of staff to meet demand.


We integrate with a whole host of key tools, from EPOS to reservations and payroll systems; meaning you can handpick the best solutions for every area of your business.

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