Free Excel rota template

Plan simple staff rotas with our free rota template

Looking for a smarter way to schedule staff rotas? You've come to the right place.

With our free Excel rota template you can:

  • Build staff rotas tailored to your business

  • Store your budget & forecast costs per week (hours, wages, sales, wage %)

  • Easily view hours & costs across the rota - per day total or per employee

  • Automatically validate if shifts are too long, employees have sufficient days off and that contractual hours have been met

  • Monitor number of employees working per hour

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Building the perfect rota

Hold-up... did you know there's something much better you can use to build the perfect rota template and monitor staff hours?

Not only is it faster and easier to build your staff rotas, but it comes with a whole host of features and tools that businesses like yours simply can't live without. Still unconvinced? Just ask our customers:

And of course it does far more


Excel template


Easily shareable

Visibility of upcoming costs & shifts

Customisable settings e.g. staff groups, names, shift types & opening times

Staffing chart

Automatic validation of contractual hours

Automatic rota building

iOS & Android mobile apps

Shift swaps

Working time compliance

Cost control

Sales forecasts (AI-driven)

See upcoming reservations

Local weather

Accommodates for salaried staff

Overtime rules

Split shifts

Cross-site cover shifts

Accurate social taxes

Shift broadcasting

Document storage

Time & attendance monitoring

Record & track notable events

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