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Since using Rotaready, MJMK has managed to reduce its wage percentage by over 5%. Here's how...







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MJMK was founded as a creative music events business in 2013, by co-founders Jake and Marco. Since then, the pair have broadened their repertoire and opened a number of unique bars and restaurants across London.

When the first bar was opened in November 2017, the owners implemented a staff scheduling solution to help them build staff rotas and monitor time and attendance. However, following the opening of a second restaurant in Dec 2019, it soon became apparent that the existing solution couldn't scale with the business.

From inefficient to intelligent

It was clunky and inefficient, with many of the features MJMK needed requiring manual input. As the business grew this manual approach was no longer feasible. So, in June 2020 MJMK looked to find a staff scheduling solution that was more intelligent, efficient and easier for the whole team to use. MJMK needed a solution to work across varied bar and restaurant businesses.

This wasn't the only criteria the business had. The chosen solution needed to give managers greater visibility and control over costs, as well as the ability to accurately report on individuals' hours and easily track holidays and absences. Upon recommendation from its payroll provider, MJMK turned to Rotaready which ticked all the boxes.

The perfect set-up

Ahead of the roll out Rotaready worked closely with MJMK to understand the needs of each of its sites, which consisted of two restaurants and a bar, to recommend the best possible configuration. The rollout then got underway and within just one week, the MJMK team were both scheduling staff rotas and clocking in and out using Rotaready.

Each of our brands is unique and the team at Rotaready really took the time to understand our requirements and advise us as to which features we should be using across the business. That combined with the flexibility of the product itself means we've ended up with a staff scheduling solution tailored perfectly to our business.

Xander Cullum, Financial Controller

A few months later MJMK launched two more brands, each with different requirements and set-ups to the existing brands. Again, the team at Rotaready worked closely with MJMK to get staff at both sites trained and using Rotaready within a week.

The support we've had from the Rotaready team has been fantastic. In fact, I can't remember a time where my question hasn't been resolved in real-time.

Xander Cullum, Financial Controller

Ongoing results

Implementing Rotaready has given MJMK the means to easily monitor staff time, as well as full visibility over its sales vs costs and budgeted vs actual spend. This combined with automated rounding of attendance data for payroll, has helped MJMK reduce its wage percentage by over 5%; all whilst maintaining the high level of customer service the group prides itself on.

On top of this, the business now has a much more accurate way of reporting on its P&L thanks to Rotaready's ability to smooth out holiday costs over time; something that was always previously a challenge.

Rotaready hasn't just given MJMK greater control over its costs, it's saved General Managers a huge amount of time on admin heavy tasks. Being able to build staff rotas in real-time, approve them in just one click and easily share with employees via the Rotaready app; has saved MJMK's GM's an average of half a day every week.

We love using Rotaready, it's so easy to build and track staff rotas. The ability to do so in real-time means we always know where we're at versus budgets.

Claire O'Sullivan, General Manager

Casa do Frango restaurant

Looking to the future

Rotaready will continue to work closely with the MJMK team to ensure they continue to get the most from its staff scheduling software. Next on the agenda is to help them leverage Rotaready's intelligent demand forecasts so they can further optimise their staff rotas and labour spend.

I'd highly recommend Rotaready to other hospitality businesses, particularly those with multiple sites who need to quickly and accurately get control of their labour costs. The simple savings on labour easily pay for the service itself, increasing business profitability.

Xander Cullum, Financial Controller

Waiter in an MJMK restaurant

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