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Find out how Rotaready not only helped Manorview build more intelligent staff rotas, but save a six-figure sum on wage costs.






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Manorview Hotels

Established in 2007, Manorview Hotels & Leisure Group own 8 stunning hotels across Scotland. The group prides itself on quality and offers truly unique and memorable experiences to its customers. Part of making this happen is ensuring operational efficiency and having the right number of staff, in the right place, at the right time.

For almost 10 years Manorview scheduled its staff rotas and monitored time and attendance using Excel spreadsheets. But this manual approach left them with little clarity or control over costs, didn't account for varying demand, and required many man hours.

There was no way of building rotas tailored to specific departments, or visibility over projected wage spend. Rotas were never approved based on commercial factors like labour cost or wage percentage, instead based solely on the number of hours scheduled.

A search for the perfect partner

So in October 2016 the group began its search for a staff scheduling solution that would give the team greater clarity and control over cost and the ability to easily build and share intelligent staff rotas.

After reviewing a number of vendors, Manorview made the decision to implement Rotaready - which stood out on value for money, functionality and usability.

From manual to automated staff scheduling

Manorview opted for a staggered rollout, implementing Rotaready one site at a time to ensure a smooth transition from manual to automated staff scheduling and attendance tracking.

Part of this implementation included setting up bespoke rota templates for each of its 8 hotels and HQ. Having these templates in place saves the team at Manorview a huge amount of time when building staff rotas. They are now able to generate accurate rotas, in just one click, where previously it would have taken hours of back and forth. Not only is it quicker and easier to build and share rotas, they are now informed by future forecasts and real-time data, making them more accurate than ever.

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Being able to automatically build staff rotas that account for staff availability and future demand has made a world of difference to us. In fact it's meant we are able to better deploy almost 100 hours every week.

Carlton Graham, Operations Director

More than just staff scheduling

For Manorview, implementing Rotaready wasn't just about making it easier to build staff rotas, it was about having greater control over costs. The business has always seen Rotaready as a wage management tool, as much as it has a staff scheduling solution.

Having visibility over costs at a more granular level, including costs per department and forecasted revenue, has been game changing for the business.

This combined with overtime approval plus automatic preparation of attendance data, has enabled Manorview to save 5% on wage costs - which equates to a six-figure sum per year.

Another feature the business has found to be particularly useful, is the ability to easily move employees and costs between sites, where necessary.

I love the cross-site and group perspective of the product. It's clear Rotaready has been designed specifically for multi-site operators. It's so easy to move hours and costs between sites.

Carlton Graham, Operations Director

A streamlined approach

Manorview have been a big adopter of Rotaready's free integrations. So far they've enabled two: one for their internal communications tool and another with their learning and development provider. Over the coming weeks this will become four, as they enable Rotaready's integrations with their two EPOS providers. Real- time revenue data will give Manorview even greater visibility and control over their labour costs, and it paves the way for Manorview to leverage Rotaready's intelligent sales prediction and demand forecasting functionality.

Rotaready has given us a tool to manage our payroll much more effectively. It also gives our team full visibility over holiday allowances and enables us to streamline weekly rotas much more efficiently. I would say we have saved at least 5% from our total wage bill as a result of the system.

Carlton Graham, Operations Director

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