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Find out how Foodstory Cafe have reduced time spent on payroll and HR related tasks by 2 days every month.





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With two sites and a team of just under 30, Aberdeen based Foodstory Cafe is in the midst of a great journey. Since day one owners Lara & Sandy have worked passionately to grow a team who share not only their love of food and great coffee, but also the joy of bringing people together.

The cafe owners don't underestimate the importance of looking after their team. Part of this has been giving them the tools to make their lives easier and provide them with greater visibility and control.

Looking for more than just staff scheduling

The dated system being used by Foodstory to schedule staff time was no longer up to the high standards the business set for the software it uses. With limited features and a dated user interface, Foodstory decided it was time to move to another solution. One that would give the team and the wider business the best tool for the job.

It was about more than just staff scheduling. The cafe owners were looking for a solution to help them solve a number of challenges. They wanted the ability to monitor staff time with greater accuracy; a tool that would give their team more accountability when it came to clocking in and out; one central place for employee documentation; and last but not least... a solution that would save them time on monotonous tasks such as payroll.

Upon a recommendation from one of Rotaready's clients BrewDog, Foodstory looked to the workforce management experts to help take its attendance monitoring and cost control to the next level.

Onwards and upwards

After just one month, which included training all staff and rolling out the solution across the business, the Foodstory team were fully up and running with Rotaready.

Rotaready may be based in London but their level of customer service is amazing. They answer the phone in seconds and will solve any issue during the phone call.

Sandy McKinnon - Co-owner

Since getting started with Rotaready in 2017 and using the majority of the features available to them; the business have seen numerous improvements. One of the key benefits seen by the Foodstory team is a significant reduction in time spent on laborious administrative tasks.

The ability to store and access all important employee documentation in one place and being able to instantly pull accurate timesheets to inform payroll, has freed up a lot of time for the team. In fact, it saves the cafe 2 days on payroll every month.

Rotaready has improved our payroll and HR services and free us up an average of 2 days a month which would have been spent on our staff time-sheets, payroll and HR needs in the past.

Sandy McKinnon - Co-owner

The benefits for Foodstory didn't stop at time saving. Storing employee documents and their expiry dates has reduced the risk of compliance issues.

And then there's Rotaready's time and attendance feature, one of Foodstory's favourites. Not only does it give staff the ability to easily clock in and out using the tablet onsite or via the mobile app, it means owners Lara & Sandy are able to monitor staff time and costs more accurately. As a result, they can ensure their employees are being paid for exactly the hours they've worked.

What's next?

Rotaready's customer success team are continuing to work closely with Foodstory to help them leverage all the benefits of the platform, while feeding back to the engineering team to drive the product forwards. Next on the cards for Foodstory is rolling out mobile based clocking in and out across the business and enabling an integration with Foodstory's till system.

After using Rotaready for the past 2 years we cannot imagine what we ever did before. It's a seamless system which meets all of our payroll and HR needs as well as staff time keeping. It has sped up our payroll significantly and if the Rotaready team continue to develop their technology in the way they have since we started working with them, we can see ourselves working with them for years to come.

Sandy McKinnon - Co-owner

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