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Carl Holloway

Carl Holloway


Over the coming weeks, we’ll be migrating accounts to the new Rotaready sign-in page. There’s nothing you need to do. It will look a little different, but still works in the same way.

What’s the same

  • The steps to sign-in haven’t changed. You enter the same information as usual, such as your username or email address, and password.

What changed and why?

We’ve re-engineered the sign-in experience and added new features to make accessing (and recovering access to) your account easier and more secure:

  • Ditch the username! You can now sign-in with your email address. If there isn’t one associated with your account, you’ll be prompted to enter one when you next sign-in.
  • ‘Forgot Organisation’ helps you rediscover your Rotaready Organisation Name.
  • ‘Forgot Password’ has been redesigned to be faster and more secure.
  • Introducing support for Single Sign On (SSO).
  • Consistent sign-in experience across web browsers and the Rotaready mobile apps.
  • A clean, modern design, making it faster to sign-in.

Our changes also pave the way for future functionality, such as Two Factor Authentication (2FA).

How to help keep your account secure

There are a few simple ways to improve your account’s security:

  • Add an email address and a mobile phone number, so you can recover access to your account.
  • Use a password that’s difficult to guess, with a combination of numbers, letters and symbols.
  • Always sign-out when you’re finished, especially if you’re using a shared or office computer.

If you sign in on a device that’s not yours (like a shared or office computer), learn how to browse in private to help protect your account.

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