Feature Deep Dive – Self-submitted details

Harry Jackson

Harry Jackson

In a nutshell 

Personal details change… names, addresses, bank details, the list goes on… and the people who know the most about those changes are those who the changes apply to.  

With our self-submitted details feature your employees can make changes to their personal details, via the Rotaready mobile app, at any point during their employment. This functionality gives your team more control over their personal details, increasing the accuracy of this information; whilst also reducing admin time for you. 

In a bit more detail

Whilst your team has the ability to change their personal details, the editing flow does not behave like other mobile applications where these changes are immediately updated. With Rotaready, once new details have been submitted they must be reviewed and then approved or rejected by a manager. A user can submit multiple revisions while the review process is open. Once the details have been either accepted or rejected, the changes will then be reflected in the app.

The details that can be changed include:  

  • Identity details, such as gender, nationality and ethnicity 
  • Address details 
  • Bank details 
  • Emergency contact details 

When reviewing, managers can see the employee’s current details alongside the new proposed changes, making it incredibly easy to validate a change. 

This feature is available to those on our Pro or Premium packages, those on the Essentials still have the ability to view their personal details from within the mobile app. If you would like more information on this functionality or are interested in upgrading, then let us know at comms@rotaready.com 

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