We're hiring — come join us

We get creative to solve real world problems

Our customers are cool people. They use our technology every day to help them run their businesses.

They're in almost every sector, from bars & restaurants, to hospitals, to frozen yogurt stores.

And they love how much easier Rotaready makes their lives.

We spend as much time with as many of them as possible, to identify what would help them run a more efficient and more profitable business.

And then we go away and build it.

You can make a huge difference

That isn't just an HR buzz phrase to make you feel significant.

We're a genuinely small team, and we built Rotaready out of nothing.

So if you join us, you'll be making a huge mark on a company that's growing rapidly and organically.

If you like code or UIs, come and rewrite part of our front or back-end.

If you like building relationships with new or existing customers, come and show us how it's done.

Either way, prepare for tons of responsibility.


We'll give you the tools you need to do what you need to do. Starting with your own Macbook & screen.

Snacks & drinks

We have a fridge stocked with everything from soft drinks to beers. Plus fresh fruit and snacks.

Flexible hours

Some people are night owls, others are early birds. Enjoy flexible hours and working from home.

Personal growth

Nobody wants to stagnate. We want you to learn, attend events and experiment to your heart's content.

Croydon office

We're in a fancy looking office 2 minutes' walk from East Croydon station. They're building a new Westfield around the corner too.

Tech challenges

If you're into your tech, our platform has loads of challenges to work on. Our scheduling algorithms are especially awesome.

Social events

We're young, sociable people. We like nights out, finding new bars, trying new food and introducing each other to obscure music.

Profitable start-up

Rotaready is a start-up, but not the kind where the laws of business physics don't apply. We proudly make a profit.

Current openings

Strictly no recruitment agencies. You must have the right to work in the UK.

Full-stack developer

  • Required: JavaScript, Node.js, HTML/CSS
  • Highly desirable: AngularJS/React, experience with Gulp/Grunt/Webpack, Git, SQL & NoSQL, AWS, Unix/Shell

We're looking for skilled, full-stack JavaScript developers who have opinions on npm, ES7, test coverage, AWS product names (too many TLAs?), craft beer and the benefit of dogs in the workplace.

We like writing efficient, well-tested code, we're big fans of release early, release often, and we love experimenting & learning new things on the job — we hope you do too.

We have an awesome, modern tech stack but it brings plenty of interesting challenges. The more responsibility you’re willing to take on the better. We guarantee your efforts won't go unrewarded (we're a small growing business, hint hint).

If you like the sound of the above, we'd love to hear from you.

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Sales & account manager

It's hard to sell something you're not proud of — with Rotaready, you won't have that problem.

We have an awesome, cutting-edge product with a great client base that we'd love you to support and grow.

The role is a 50/50 mix of sales (generating and pursuing new leads) and account management (being the go-to person for our big clients), so it's perfect if you love a varied day.

The more confident, passionate and fun you are, the better.

We'll make a Rotaready expert out of you, so you can answer detailed questions from prospective clients, give live e-demos, and you can lead big pitches.

You'll also be the helping hand that guides new clients through their transition onto Rotaready, assisting with the roll-out of larger implementations and ensuring ongoing customer success by showing people how to get the most out of Rotaready.

Above all, you'll be making the lives of hundreds of people so much easier, and they'll love you for it!

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To apply for any of the roles listed above, or if you think you have something to offer, drop us an email at the address listed below.

Be sure to include your CV, a cover letter (in the body of the email is fine) and give it a subject line that'll get our attention.