Time & attendance

Clocking in & out, beautifully integrated with the rota

Rotaready's time & attendance is seriously awesome! It's super easy to use, accurate and fun.

Our staff picked it up without needing any training, and we love that it automatically identifies issues for our managers to resolve.

Jean Johnson

21st century time clocking. Smile!

It's crucial that we trust who's clocking-in or out. Forget PIN codes, they can be shared with co-workers. Swipe cards can be forgotten or passed between colleagues, not to mention the admin overhead of replacing lost or stolen cards. Biometric devices are well-known to be unreliable.

We provide an inexpensive, wall-mounted tablet. Staff tap their name, and are prompted to clock-in, go on break, or clock-out, as appropriate. At that very moment, you can have the tablet's front-facing camera take their photo. And that's it.

If you want to, you can also allow staff to clock-in and out from the Rotaready mobile apps, only when they're within the confines of your workplace.

Even better with cost control

Rotaready captures staff pay rates and whether they're hourly paid or salaried. We also record when these change — pay rises for example.

With time & attendance, we can calculate accurate wage costs based on when staff worked, and when they were scheduled to work.

We show you both wage figures, scheduled and actual, and the difference between the two.

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A full audit trail

Rotaready maintains an audit trail of any attendance records that were manually adjusted, so nothing goes unnoticed.

And with our flexible account permissions, you decide who can edit attendance records.

Restrict your managers to control only their reportees, or give others control over everyone.

Issues automatically detected

Rotaready constantly monitors your attendance records for anything untoward.

Common problems could be people forgetting to clock out or not taking a break. Rotaready will also spot if someone's clocked in for an unexpectedly short or long amount of time.

Any issues are flagged to the manager for their attention, with a button next to each issue to help remediate the problem.

Cutting-edge hardware

Our hardware is super-reliable and easy to wall mount almost anywhere. It just needs to be within range of your Wi-Fi network.

It's straightforward to install — we send you the kit and installation instructions by recorded mail. No tools required.

For our enterprise customers, we also offer premium anti-theft wall mounts and devices that have wired ethernet connectivity.

We also have hardware appropriate for locations where Wi-Fi or ethernet isn't available. Just get in touch.

We monitor all time & attendance hardware remotely, 24 hours a day.

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