Staff management & HR

Manage your employees in the cloud

Rotaready makes it so easy to manage staff absence & annual leave, even across a big workforce.

Being alerted before visas and passports expire gives us great peace of mind, too.

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Golden Lion Group

In perfect harmony with scheduling & attendance

Rotaready makes light work of staff management. After all, it's a prerequisite for rota scheduling, maximising staff productivity and running an efficient business.

You can oversee employee records, their availability, absence, holiday allowances, career history, pay history, contracted hours, documents (and plenty more) across your whole business.

Manage from your headquarters, at site level, or run with a combination of both.

And Rotaready isn't just for management. There's self-service for regular staff too.

Dedicated head-office dashboard

Manage multiple sites from one place, with Rotaready HQ, our dedicated dashboard for HR and head-office staff.

Control and oversee your entire operation, run reports across some or all of your sites, and more.

You can even click into a specific site, and access all the other features Rotaready has to offer.

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Manage from anywhere

Rotaready works great on any computer, mobile or tablet. All you need is an internet connection.

Approve your staff absence requests from the comfort of your sofa, or keep tabs on attendance while you're on holiday.

And with self-service access, your staff can keep an eye on their shifts from wherever they are too.


With appointments it's so easy to keep track of changes to your employees.

Just add a new one when they change role, get a pay rise or move site. You can even add it in advance and Rotaready will do the rest.

If you add a leave date, we'll automatically disable their account at the end of that day.

Absence booking

It's super easy for your staff to see their remaining holiday balance and book absence.

Once they've placed a request, it comes through to you & your managers for approval.

We give you all the information you need to make an informed decision, like whether or not any other staff are away at the same time.

And when you've made a decision, Rotaready will send the requester a text message or email to let them know.

It'll also update their personalised schedule, which brings their shifts, absence and availability in one clear calendar view.

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