Rota scheduling

Say goodbye to spreadsheets

Rotaready drastically reduces the time we spend creating rotas and calculating payments

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Schedule rotas by hand or automatically

Getting the rota right is crucial to managing costs and ensuring your business is appropriately staffed to meet demand — thankfully, this is what Rotaready does best.

Rotaready remembers your scheduling requirements, down to the smallest nuance. So if you want it to, Rotaready can build the whole rota for you automatically.

It assigns the right people to the right shifts, it finds the most appropriate shift patterns, it maintains the best level of fairness across your workforce, it ensures contractual obligations (like minimum hours) are met and it does it all instantly.

Need more staff? Someone call in ill?

With Shift Broadcast it's easy to call in extra staff. With just two clicks, Rotaready will send a text message and an email to everyone who's available and eligible to work.

Staff can text back to confirm whether or not they'd like to pick up the shift, and you'll be notified when they respond.

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Scheduling to a budget?

Whether you're scheduling to a wage budget, a wage percentage, hourly budget or against a sales forecast, Rotaready has you covered.

Staff hours and wage costs update live as you change the rota. Accurate for hourly paid and salaried staff, the figures include accrued holiday cost and employer's National Insurance.

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Want your staff to clock-in and out?

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