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Control all your employees and run reports across multiple sites

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A management dashboard with a twist

If you have multiple sites, Rotaready HQ is the single place to oversee your entire business operation.

Perfect for HR or head office staff, HQ gives you complete control and visibility over all your sites, employees, labour costs and more.

It's great for area managers too, as you can restrict what sites they have access to.

There's also a suite of brilliant reporting tools, for aggregating data across your business.

Feature highlights

Aggregated cost control

In Rotaready HQ you get all the power and control of our cost control grid but with even greater visibility.

Pick and choose from your Rotaready sites and see an aggregated cost report, calculated live, including scheduled and actual wage costs.

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Rota progress report

Keep an eye on scheduling across your business and make sure sites publish their rotas on time.

Rotaready highlights whether or not each site has started building next week's rota, the scheduled wage cost and their sales forecast.

When a site is ready, they mark their rota as Ready for Approval. You can view it directly from Rotaready HQ and, if you're happy with how it looks (it's within cost control targets, for example), approve it by publishing it on their behalf.

Learn more about rota scheduling

Staff management

Search live through all your employees, or view by site.

At a glance, see who's documents are soon to expire, like visas, passports or employment contracts.

Customise account permission levels so they reflect your corporate hierarchy — in Rotaready you decide who can access what.

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Want to integrate Rotaready with other providers, like Payroll and EPOS?

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