Cost control

Powerful sales and labour cost tracking for hospitality and retail

Rotaready Cost Control gives us an unparalleled level of visibility and control over our business.

Our managers now schedule their rotas more cost effectively, thanks to live & accurate staff wage costs.

Leanne Day-Sheriff
Golden Lion Group

Control wage costs with complete visibility

If the amount you spend on staff wages is important, or if sales forecasts affect the number of staff you require, Rotaready Cost Control will revolutionise the way you schedule.

When developing Cost Control, we worked closely with some of our favourite customers in hospitality and retail to identify exactly how it could help increase their profitability.

Now they can't imagine life without it.

From our powerful cost control grid, to cross-site cost & rota reporting, there's something every business can benefit from.

Cost control grid

For each day of the week, see scheduled and actual wages split out by cost stream, for accurate visibility of where money is being spent.

Furthermore, by combining sales forecasts and wage costs, Rotaready shows a live wage percentage for each cost stream.

You can also add comments & notes to each week, see who last updated the figures and export to Excel or CSV.

Flexible pay rates

Configure staff as salaried or hourly paid — and it's no problem if they change from one to the other, or if their pay rate changes (see staff management).

Rotaready can also accommodate staff who have different hourly rates that apply when they work different types of shifts.

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