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The cloud is the future

You access Rotaready over the internet, with your web browser. There's nothing to install, nothing to download, update, patch, maintain. And so on. This is the cloud. It means we look after everything technical for you.

By managing the entire technical infrastructure on your behalf, you can enjoy all the benefits of using Rotaready, with none of the hassle of looking after servers or networks.

Geo-replicated around the world

For the techies out there, we geo-replicate Rotaready across several continents. This essentially means the Rotaready service is provided to you via several countries, rather than just one. If a server, or an entire city goes down, others are already online to pick up the slack. So you can depend on Rotaready being available whenever you need it.

We also use industry-grade encryption at all times to keep your sensitive data secure. We take very regular back-ups, too.

  • Nothing to install, backup, update or maintain
  • No need for an IT department, or an IT manager
  • We handle everything technical for you as standard
  • Industry-grade encryption
  • Full GDPR & data protection compliance

Remote support

The beauty of the cloud is that we can support you remotely. We never need to visit your offices or branches to assist with problems. We can assist you from the comfort of Rotaready Headquarters, with as much information at our fingertips as if we were sat right next to you. This means we can provide immediate support. Handy.

  • Remote support included as standard. By phone or email.


We play nicely with others — we appreciate the value of systems that talk to each other and keep things in sync, with no duplicate entry of data.

As such, Rotaready integrates with lots of the major players in payroll and HR.

We wanted Rotaready to integrate with our 3rd party HR software, to ensure staff and absence records remain consistent between the two systems. We wanted the data to update live, in real time.

Working with multiple providers isn't traditionally easy but Rotaready have been proactive and responsive and have helped us plan and manage the process every step of the way.

They're always positive and engaging when we've wanted to talk, even if we simply wanted some reassurance!

Jean Johnson, Topgolf

Our door is always open to integration — we've build a modern, open API so Rotaready can be connected with any external system.

All available as standard:

  • Rotaready API
  • Payroll integrations (e.g. Sage)
  • HR integrations: PeopleHR, breatheHR, SelectHR and more
  • EPOS integrations for sales/transaction data
  • Automatic, file-based data exports & imports (for older systems)

Mobile apps (iOS and Android)

Fully featured native iPhone and Android apps are included as standard.

The evening before the start of each week (Sunday, if your working week starts on a Monday), we send everyone a notification letting them know when they're working — so there's no excuses for not being up-to-date.

Your staff will be more engaged than ever. They can:

  • See shifts, absence & any agreed unavailability
  • Sync their schedule with their iPhone or Android calendar
  • Book holiday and other kinds of absence
  • See holiday allowances, remaining balance and hours accrued
  • Swap shifts with colleagues
  • Receive push notifications whenever changes are made to the rota, or absence is approved/rejected
  • Clock-in and out when within specific proximity to work
  • Self on-board: Rotaready can invite new joiners to download the app and setup their account

All our text messaging features are included at no extra cost, too.

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